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ProjectWorld & World Congress for Business Analysts 

The IIBA Seattle Chapter is thrilled to see ProjectWorld & World Congress for Business Analysts come to Seattle. Come learn from the best and network with the masses.

 Join industry thought leaders as they re-examine how to identify opportunities and track their success, understand what it means to be an effective leader in a virtual and multicultural world, and explore the future role of project managers and business analysts within the corporation. The 2014 program is designed with courses for all training levels, a robust agenda, and most importantly tangible lessons which you can begin implementing the day you return to your office, making you even more valuable to your organization.

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September Chapter Event - Kitty Hass

Breakthrough Business Analysis - Implementing and Sustaining a

Value-Based BA Practice

Value-based business analysis centers on strategy execution, world-class enterprise capabilities, and delivery of innovative products and services.  It is very different from what we think of asrequirements analysis, or typical business analysis activities defining and managing requirements. 

Sometimes referred to as enterprise business analysis, value-based BA practices demand more advanced methods that embrace complexity, adaptive change, shared leadership, value creation, and innovation.  Higher BA maturity levels are directly correlated to more effective business alignment of projects, higher quality business solutions, increased customer value, increased creativity and innovation, and an increase in the business benefits that result from implementation of new business solutions. Value-based BA practices focus on several areas that have been woefully inadequate in managing business change initiatives:

  • Methods and tools that are lean and iterative to accelerate delivery of value
  • Leadership that welcomes diversity of perspectives and fosters experimentation, creativity, disruptive change, breakthrough processes and products
  • Teams that are expert, collaborative, and high performing
  • Thinking that is global, holistic and strategic, and leverages complexity to cultivate creativity
  • Solutions that are innovative and competitive
  • Decision making that is based on value to customers and wealth to bottom the line

Learning Objectives:

  1. Examine the BA Practice Implementation Framework to determine if your organization is ready for Value-based Business Analysis
  2. Discover what it looks like to run your BA practice like a business
  3. Determine how to:
    1. Change the way we do projects
    2. Execute well-planned strategic communications
    3. Take your BA team from good to great

Speaker BIO - Kitty is a recognized thought leader in the Business Analysis profession, a prominent keynote presenter at industry and corporate conferences, author, consultant, and expert facilitator.  She is the president of KHass and Associates, Inc., a consulting practice specializing in strategic business practices, including enterprise business analysis, complex project management, and strategy execution through portfolio management. Her expertise includes implementing and managing PMOs and BACOEs, managing large complex programs, and leading groundbreaking PM and BA assessments.

Kitty has served as an IIBA Director since 2008 and is Vice-chair of the Board. Kitty has served as the Chair of the IIBA Nominations Committee, Chapter Governance Committee and Chapter Council, and was member of the BABOK ver. 2.0 Committee, contributing to several chapters and leading the authorship of the Enterprise Analysis chapter.

Kitty is a member of the Capella University IT Advisory Council, developer and Instructor for the Villanova University Mastering Business Analysis Online Certificate Program, member of the University of California, Irvine Extension Business Analyst Certificate Advisory Board, and founding member of the Business Analysis Leadership Consortium.

Kitty has authored numerous white papers and articles on leading edge PM/BA practices, the acclaimed series entitled, Business Analysis Essential Library, a compilation of six titles on critical BA practices, the PMI 2009 Book of the Year, Managing Project Complexity - A New Model, and TheEnterprise Business Analyst, Developing Creative Solutions to Complex Business Problems. Look for her new book to be published later this year, Breakthrough Business Analysis, Implementing and Sustaining a Value-based BA Practice.


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As previously announced, our membership policy has changed and meetings will no longer be free for non-Chapter members:

1)  If you are already a Seattle IIBA Chapter member then you're set.  You have free access to all Chapter meetings while your Chapter membership is active.

2) If you are an International IIBA member but NOT a Seattle Chapter member OR if special affiliation has been established, e.g. currently a student, member of an affiliated organization such as DAMA,etc. but NOT a Chapter member, a $10 Visiting Member Meeting Fee, payable in advance, will be required.  

3)  If you are neither an International IIBA member nor a Chapter member, a $25 Non-Member Meeting Fee, payable in advance, will be required. Currently, the only payment options are PayPal from the IIBA Seattle Chapter Membership Page or a check mailed to the Chapter post office box.  Payments cannot be accepted at the meeting location.  Details are available on our IIBA Seattle Chapter Membership Page. Look for the payment options at the bottom of the page.