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Announcing Chapter Sponsors

We are thrilled to announce Watermark Learning as our first corporate sponsor. With this sponsorship comes great benefit to our chapter members. Watermark has offered a 10% discount for all public virtual training and a 20% discount off public in-person training.
Please visit Watermark Learning today to see what they have to offer and use your discount today!


Get involved, become a member.

Please see our membership page.

To become a chapter member, you must be an International member. If your IIBA membership is due for renewal, please go to: and select membership to renew.

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IIBA® Seattle Chapter Event: Building a Business Analyst Community on April 29, 2014 @ 6:00 PM

The term business analyst can mean a variety of things to a variety of people and can be fastly different at different organizations. Please join us on Tuesday, April 29th at 6:00 PM for a presentation by Nicole Gersper. During this session Nicole will help with understanding what a business analyst community can be to understand the different roles across the organization, as well as providing some tools and techniques on how to build a Business Analyst Community within your organization.  Our chapter meeting will be held at  Mercer Island Community & Event Center located at 8236 SE 24th Street. For more information please visit the upcoming events page for the April 2014 Meeting. 


For information on our last month's event please visit events page.





The mission of the Seattle Chapter of the IIBA is to build awareness of the Business Analysis discipline within the Washington State community through promoting standards and practices in support of the International organization.



  • Support learning opportunities for Business Analysts to advance their skills through networking with seasoned peer practitioners and industry leaders
  • Promote certification (CBAP® and CCBA®) and continuing education aligned to the IIBA "Business Analysis Body of Knowledge" (BABOK®)
  • Encourage and sustain membership growth and member participation throughout the state of Washington
  • Create corporate support by demonstrating the value of Business Analysis and the IIBA® 
Membership Policy

As previously announced, our membership policy has changed and meetings will no longer be free for non-Chapter members:

1)  If you are already a Seattle IIBA Chapter member then you're set.  You have free access to all Chapter meetings while your Chapter membership is active.

2) If you are an International IIBA member but NOT a Seattle Chapter member OR if special affiliation has been established, e.g. currently a student, member of an affiliated organization such as DAMA,etc. but NOT a Chapter member, a $10 Visiting Member Meeting Fee, payable in advance, will be required.  

3)  If you are neither an International IIBA member nor a Chapter member, a $25 Non-Member Meeting Fee, payable in advance, will be required. Currently, the only payment options are PayPal from the IIBA Seattle Chapter Membership Page or a check mailed to the Chapter post office box.  Payments cannot be accepted at the meeting location.  Details are available on our IIBA Seattle Chapter Membership Page. Look for the payment options at the bottom of the page.